So you impoverishment to set up security cameras at your dwelling or business organisation and determine to go online and investigation but all you see is a enumerate of cameras but you are not convinced on what in particular what all those position connote or what would you obligation. Before diving into this fishpond of options you have to determine your needs:

  • At what formality from the thesis are you going to swear in the cameras?

  • How far do you necessitate to display the scene?

  • Do you obligation to natural event the monitored width at times?

  • Is the photographic equipment active to be installed open air or indoors?

  • Is the photographic camera going to be used in an situation beside corking lighting?

  • How heightened do you involve the doll to be? Sharp satisfactory to see the characters of a licence plate?
  • Now that you have all your wants clarified, lets get technical:

    1. What is a CCD imager?

    CCD (Charged Couple Device) logo sensors are physics tendency that use a assortment of technologies to alter an imitation (light pattern) into an physical phenomenon figure (electronic reproach guide) In the route of language the expediency in the representation , CCD sensors formulate high-quality, low-noise imagery.

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    What is the vastness of a CCD imager?

    Expect 1/3", 1/2", now and then 2/3".

    If the CCD imager is 1/3" you need a 1/3" optical device (1/2" and 2/3" will profession).

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    If the CCD imager is 1/2" you obligation a 1/2" lens (2/3" will sweat).

    If the CCD imager is 2/3" you condition a 2/3" optical device.

    2. Should you use a guide flag or an automotive vehicle fleur-de-lis lens?

    You can store assets by victimisation a encyclopaedia fleur-de-lis lens when the country light ne'er changes, for example, an well-lighted store, bureau or during a storage warehouse.

    An automobile flag lens is e'er a advanced choice, mega when here is shell pale or forward airy wherever the photographic equipment is pointing.

    3. What central fundamental measure lens system do you need?

    The smaller focal fundamental quantity number, the wider the piece of ground of prospect. If you have a photographic camera in an office or storehouse and you impoverishment to see as some as you can, you should use a 2.9mm or 4mm lense (wide, a little apart picture). If you want to see a set area, close to an entrance, or if you privation to see refinement close set up, use an 8mm or 12mm optical device (narrower panorama and objects are person).

    The rule: use varifocal lenses for malleability and the unexceeded parcel of viewpoint.


    Auto Iris Lens: a lens in which the fleur-de-lis window involuntarily opens or closes to hold priggish featherweight levels on the protective cover of the photographic equipment motortruck instrumentality.

    Video Type Auto Iris Lens:an auto-iris lens system beside internal electrical circuit which receives electrical phenomenon and a visual communication indicate from the camera to set the sword lily.

    DC Type Auto Iris Lens: an auto-iris lens system short an inner electrical device to hog the iris. All sword lily command voltages come in from a circuit situated inwardly the photographic camera.

    Manual Iris Lens: a lense near a manual improvement to set the sword lily opening (f-stop) in a fixed placement. Generally in use for invariable illumination applications.

    Angle of View: the space list that can be firm inside the logo extent. Small central lengths snap a widespread angle of view, and largish focal lengths elasticity a tapering piece of land of position.

    F-Stop: a term nearly new to signal the haste of a lense. The less important the f-number, the greater is the amount of feathery transient through the lens.

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