In this nonfiction I'm going to go over how to line your ClickBank gross sales AND accumulation. Don't suffer if you don't present any ClickBank products, the techniques defined down below can be used near any associate scheme that has a "Tracking ID" facility. Everything is likewise 100% free, I'm not testing to back up any chase systems here!

Ok, let's get started. If you're not up to date beside ClickBank's pursuit ID set of contacts after you can publication much astir it at ClickBank (read their Hoplink FAQ). The mess is you can simply track sales, not clicks. Let's thieve a appearance at an illustration to demo the problem, and the mixture. Let's say you have a webpage at this address:

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On that leaf you're promoting a ClickBank affiliate URL:

You can see that "yourid" is your ClickBank associate ID, "publisherid" is the ID of the businessperson you're promoting and "code1" is the trailing ID for this specific knit. If 100 group clink on that cooperation and 3 of them buy the product, that's a version magnitude relation of 3%. A rendition quantitative relation is the percent of population you move to an affiliate URL who later go on to buy the wares. In this case, the amount of 3% routine that 3 out of every 100 visitors, on average, became trade.

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3% isn't bad, but droop on a microscopic - ClickBank single tells you near were 3 gross sales for the following ID "code1". You don't cognise there were 100 clicks on the link, and without this fig you can't reckon the transformation ratio. What if 500 associates had clicked on the link? The rendition quantitative relation would be retributive 0.6% (i.e. 0.6% of the 500 company became clientele). Ideally you should solitary support websites that have a comparatively glorious conversion ratio. If you're promoting two distinct ClickBank products for example, and one has a change ratio of 1% and the new 4%, you'd be superior off focus your concentration on the 2d one and ditching the introductory. You'll solitary cognize this if you can add the conversion magnitude relation. Luckily, this hassle is easily solved beside the use of a frugal click-tracker PHP letters. The dramatic composition simply counts the digit of present time person clicks on a relation.

Don't pressure if you've ne'er nearly new PHP before, there's zip elaborate roughly it. As long-acting as you can upload files to your webspace you'll have no trial shadowing these painless staircase. It goes in need saying that you too stipulation PHP moving on your waiter.

Go to PHPSuccessTools (see the assets box at the end for the URL), chink "mailing list" in the direction bar at the top and subscribe, then bill of exchange your email for the word. This will furnish you thorough access to all the scripts that are unclaimed. Click on "Free Scripts" in the steering bar and then chink on "Tagged Click Tracker". Then imbue out the type as follows:


You should always plump for a random union of parcels and book of numbers for your passwords, but to bread and butter things simplified for this model enter upon "showstats" as the countersign.

"Destination URL"

This is your ClickBank associate URL next to a trailing ID appended to the end. It should expression approaching this:[TAG]

Make confident you regenerate "yourid" with your ClickBank ID and "publisherid" with the ClickBank ID of the merchant you're promoting.

"Optional Expiration"

Leave this box as it is, we don't poverty the link to breathe your last breath.


Enter "go" for this.

You can walk out all the other boxes as they are, unless you get what they do. Now hit "Submit". Follow the mission on the next page, where on earth you'll be asked to gather respective files onto your information processing system and next upload them to your webspace and adjust the permissions. Upload them to the aforementioned heading as your scale of measurement.html folio (as this is the folio we're active to modify in a few moments).

If you've never denaturised directory permissions beforehand later there's a easy usher at PHPSuccessTools - a short time ago click on "Guides" in the piloting bar at the top.

In this instance we're presumptuous that you're linking to a ClickBank associate URL on your ordered series page, so as an alternative of linking straight to ClickBank, renovation the linkage on your "index.html" page to this:


Let's recapitulation what we've finished. We replaced the ClickBank affiliate knit on your "index.html" leaf beside a intertwine that goes to the click-tracker characters (called go.php). The click-tracker script, in turn, counts how abundant clicks the join gets and redirects the bather to the actual ClickBank affiliate contact.

Now we realise what's changed, lets see how it complex. Note the following ID (code1) at the end of the click-tracker link:


When causal agency clicks on that link, the click-tracker looks at the finish URL (which you entered when the click-tracker was created) and replaces [TAG] beside the following ID. So in actualized fact, the end URL becomes:

Now all you have to do is position the applied mathematics for this click-tracker and you'll be competent to see how copious clicks your relation got. The stats are accessible at this URL:


Now let's say that 100 associates chink on your new click-tracker contact and 3 of them buy the wares. By looking at your ClickBank stats you'll see that the chase ID "code1" has produced 3 gross sales. If you appearance at your click-tracker stats you'll see that "code1" besides generated 100 clicks. Use the two data in cooperation and you can work out the changeover ratio of 3%. In another words, 3% of the population you transmitted to the merchandiser actually bought the article of trade.

The conversion magnitude relation is influential to cognize. There's no spine causation assemblage to a merchandiser that converts at 1%, when you could displace that very accumulation to a divergent merchandiser that converts at 3%. Assuming the commissions attained per sale are the same, you're superior off with the second business. You'll just cognise this by testing several merchants and shrewd the transition magnitude relation of all.

In certainty there's no status to even calculate the conversion quantitative relation manually - the click-tracker does it for you! Simply belief the stats for the click-tracker and enter upon a "sales" numeral for respectively trailing ID. The click-tracker past without thinking generates the transition ratio for respectively one.

To last part off this article, let's a moment ago quickly see how you'd course gross revenue with more than one trailing ID. If you lone have one intertwine to your ClickBank affiliate URL later you won't stipulation to do this, but what if you have two golf links to ClickBank, one on "index.html" and the opposite on your blog? Simply use the succeeding URL on your web log where your ClickBank affiliate URL as a rule goes:


Now when you perspective your click-tracker stats, lately air for "code2" to see how umpteen clicks this peculiar cooperation received. Similarly, your ClickBank stats will entertainment "code2" as the trailing ID for any gross revenue that came from this join.

You are footloose to opt for any pursuit ID you want (you don't have to use "code1" and "code2"). Just brand definite your IDs solitary include alphameric characters (no spaces or symbols) and are 50 characters or smaller number in physical property.

As I mentioned at the activate of this article, you can use the preceding techniques beside any associate lattice that has a pursuit ID artefact. When creating your click-tracker(s), simply enter upon your affiliate URL as the "Destination URL" and plant [TAG] somewhere the pursuit ID should go.

If you're inkling adventurous, I advocate you produce use of the hit-tracker script, too enthusiastically at your disposal at PHPSuccessTools Place a unintegrated hit-tracker on all folio in your website that contains affiliate course and you'll be able to add the click-through quantitative relation as recovered as the conversion ratio of those golf course.

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